Boutique Hotels: An Ideal Option for Long-Term Business Travelers

A Boutique Hotel with suites and apartments that include a kitchenette is an ideal choice for someone planning to stay in a city for a week, a month or even longer. Sometimes people work on business away from home as a consultant or contractor. Others are employees who must be at a different location to work on a project or help launch a new division.

A Home Away From Home

Sometimes workers stay at boutique hotels for several months, and their apartment becomes a home away from home. They might be able to travel back to their place of residence on weekends or once a month, depending on how far away they are. When they have a large enough temporary abode, they can even have a spouse, their family or a friend come visit for an overnight stay. They can have fun touring the city and seeing different attractions.

Especially when two people, such as a married couple, will be working at this place of business for an extended time frame, the larger space is desirable. They don't normally want to rent a standard hotel room and have to live in it for weeks on end.

Apartment Disadvantages

Another option for these long-term stays would be to rent an apartment that has a six-month or month-to-month lease. However, there are disadvantages to this decision. One is that a certain level of housework will be required. In a hotel such as Treasury on Collins, housekeeping service is provided daily or as requested. The guests are not expected to vacuum, dust, change the sheets, wash towels or clean the bathroom.

Private Room Considerations

Business travelers also might consider staying in a private room offered by homeowners through networking exchanges, which typically allows use of the kitchen. However, sharing a bathroom with other people residing in the home is a common requirement that many men and women aren't comfortable with. They prefer the privacy of a hotel suite or apartment, where they don't have to share either a bathroom or kitchen facilities.

Chain Hotels

Of course, a city like Melbourne has an abundance of hotel options, but many travelers have come to prefer a boutique establishment over large chains. They appreciate the more personalized attention they receive from staff members and the variations in architectural and decor style compared with chains. A large number of chain hotels, by their design, are crafted in a cookie-cutter method. Each one looks virtually the same.